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Manuel Barrueco - 300 Years of Guitar Masterpieces

Manuel Barrueco é, indubitavelmente, uma das grandes virtuoses de nosso tempo. Além de um extraordinário violonista, Barrueco é um vencedor. Pois, mesmo provindo de um país marcado por perseguições políticas, restrições culturais e outras atrocidades (Barrueco é Cubano) ele tira de seu instrumento uma sonoridade única e admirável.
Bom. Não irei me estender muito em tecer os merecidos elogios à tão nobre e emérito violonista. Deixem que outro mírífico e maravilhoso violonista (o Zanon) fale um pouco sobre ele. Dêem uma olhada neste link:
Eis o disclist desse álbum e os links:
Manuel Barrueco - 300 Years of Guitar Masterpieces
Disco 1
1. Spanish Dances: No. 4 Villanesca
2. Spanish Dances: No. 12 Arabesca
3. Etudes For Guitar: No. 7 In E Minor
4. Etudes For Guitar: No. 3 In D Major
5. Etudes For Guitar: No. 5 In C Major
6. Etudes For Guitar: No. 12 In A Minor
7. Etudes For Guitar: No. 2 In A Major
8. Etudes For Guitar: No. 8 In C - Sharp Minor
9. Etudes For Guitar: No. 11 In E Minor
10. Etudes For Guitar: No. 1 In E Minor
11. Estudo No. 1
12. 3 Pieces For Guitar: No. 1 Largo
13. 3 Pieces For Guitar: No. 2 Tranquillo
14. 3 Pieces For Guitar: No. 3 Un poco mosso
15. Suite populaire bresilienne: Mazurka - Choro
16. Suite populaire bresilienne: Schottish - Choro
17. Suite populaire bresilienne: Valsa - Choro
18. Suite populaire bresilienne: Gavotta - Choro
19. Suite populaire bresilienne: Chorinho
Disco 2
1. Sonata In D Major, K. 290, L. 206
2. Sonata In E Minor, K. 292, L. 24
3. Sonata In E Major, K. 380, L. 23
4. Sonata In A Major, K. 208, L. 238
5. Sonata In A Major, K. 209, L. 428
6. Sonata In D Minor
7. Sonata In A Major
8. Sonata In B Minor
9. Sonata In A Major, Op. 3, No. 1
10. Variations sur les Folies d’Espagne, Op. 45
11. Sonata In E Minor, Op. 3, No. 6
12. Gran Sonata Eroica In A Major, Op. 150: Allegro maestoso
13. Spanish Dances: No. 1 Minuetto
14. Spanish Dances: No. 5 Andaluza (Playera)
15. Spanish Dances: No. 3 Zarabanda
Disco 3
1. Suite No. 4 In E Major: Prelude
2. Suite No. 4 In E Major: Loure
3. Suite No. 4 In E Major: Gavotte en Rondeau
4. Suite No. 4 In E Major: Menuett
5. Suite No. 4 In E Major: Bourree
6. Suite No. 4 In E Major: Gigue
7. Suite No. 2 In A Minor: Preludio
8. Suite No. 2 In A Minor: Fuga
9. Suite No. 2 In A Minor: Sarabande
10. Suite No. 2 In A Minor: Gigue - Double
11. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Granada (Serenata)
12. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cataluna (Curranda)
13. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Sevilla (Sevillanas)
14. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cadiz (Cancion)
15. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cuba (Capricho)

Eis aqui a faixa 14 do 2º disco. Um bom usuário de nosso blog diz estar com problemas para extrair tal faixa. Então... ei-la: DISCO II - FAIXA 14.



Anonymous macos melo said...

opa! baixei manuel barrueco 300 years.. sinceramente naum conhecia, agora posso concordar com o q você disse! =]

6:13 PM  
Anonymous AmbroseBierce said...

Thanks a lot for the great music in this blog - I downloaded quite a lot. So I want to give you something you may publish here if you like: two of my favourite albums of classical guitar music:


[b]Manuel Barrueco
Sometime Ago[/b]
Angel Records 55039, 1994


01. Old Friends (Paul Simon)

Children's Songs (Chick Corea)
02. One
03. Two
04. Three
05. Four
06. Five
07. Six
08. Seven
09. Fourteen
10. Fifteen
11. Seventeen
12. Eighteen
13. Twenty

14. Sometime Ago (Chick Corea)
15. Köln Concert Pt IIc (Keith Jarrett)
16. Serenade (Lou Harrison)
17. Music For Bill & Me (Lou Harrison)
18. Sonata in Ishartum (Lou Harrison)
19. Air (Lou Harrison)
20. Round (Lou Harrison)
21. Bookends (Paul Simon)


Yang Xuefei
Si Ji (Four Seasons)
GSP Recordings GSB 1028CD, 2005


Wang Huiran
01. Yi Dance (arr. Yang)

He Liting
02. Shepherd Boy with Flute (arr. Yang)

Dietmar Ungerank - Intonation & 4 Sound-and-Image Compositions
03. Intonation
04. Long Out-stretched Pier with its Shadows
05. Wind on The Hill
06. Waiting for Guests
07. Land Circus

08. Heavenly Bird (arr. Shibata)
09. Lantern Song (arr. Shibata)
10. Mayila (arr. Garcia)

Evan Hirschelman
11. Meditation No. 2
12. Meditation No. 1

Stephen Goss
13. The Blue Kite
14. Yellow Earth
15. Farewell My Concubine

Carlo Domeniconi - I Ching
16. 1 T'ai
17. 3 Lin
18. 4 T'ung Jen
19. 5 Huan
20. 6 K'uei
21. 7 Chieh

Stephen Funk Pearson
22. South China Sea Peace

Thierry Rougier - Four Seasons
23. Spring
24. Summer
25. Autumn
26. Winter

In this writer’s “perfect world” of recorded guitar music, new releases would constitute new and relatively less familiar music; comprise a balanced and enjoyable programme; be exceptionally well performed and exhibit high levels of technical and sonic excellence.
Si Ji (Four Seasons) by the Chinese guitarist Xuefei Yang fulfils all these criteria. It also adds another unique dimension; no other guitarist has ever made a recording quite like this one. This recent release is her second for the GSP label.
Written by the guitarist, the notes that accompany this recording are generally very informative but totally devoid of any information about the artist herself. This could not be attributed to a ”high” profile in the classical guitar world. To a select group of individuals she will be revered but to aficionados at large she is yet to become famous. Xuefei Yang’s website has more personal details but we are not made privy to her birth date which, based on the intelligence provided, we assume was in the early 1980s(?) Ms. Yang was born in Beijing and began playing guitar at the age of seven from which time, until she was ten, tuition was received from Chen Zhi. During her school years she played extensively in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Spain, Australia and gave concerts in Taiwan, Japan and Portugal.
Aged eleven she won second prize in the Beijing Senior Guitar competition, being the only child competitor. The composer Joaquín Rodrigo attended her debut concert in Madrid when she was only 14 years old.
Since 2000 she has been in England studying with Michael Ewin, John Mills and Timothy Walker at the Royal Academy of Music. In 2002 she graduated with distinction, achieving a Recital Diploma, and was awarded the Dip. RAM. She won the Dorothy Grinstead Prize for a recital at Fairfield Hall, Croydon and received the Principal’s Prize for exceptional all-round student, the highest performance award conferred by the Royal Academy of Music.
The review disc is “China” inspired. The music contains ideas from the East that have helped in exploring and enriching what is essentially Western music. Interestingly the majority of the music featured is from the pens of Western composers.
Four Seasons by Thierry Rougier, also the name of this new release, is a composition of four movements each bearing the name of one of the seasons [23-26]. Ms. Yang received this work from the composer early in 2004. Rougier is a guitarist whose music has been influenced by South America and the South of France where he has lived. Having close contact with Chinese instrumentalists his music is inspired by the sound of the pipa, erhu and sheng. In “The Seasons” he has tried to imitate the colourful sound of these instruments while using a lot of guitaristic techniques. The four pieces are written in the shang mode (one of the Chinese pentatonic scales) with the third string of the guitar tuned down from G to F sharp.
Carlo Domeniconi is an Italian guitarist/composer who spent many years living and teaching in Istanbul. He met Ms. Yang in 2002 and soon after decided to write music inspired by I Ching (The Book of Change). The I Ching occupies a special place in the world’s great books of philosophy. Not only is it one of the oldest surviving books, but it also depicts a view of the world, which is completely out of the ordinary. Everything exists in a “state of change” where time is the essence of life. Ms. Yang chose to record six of the seven pieces [16-21] from the suite, which Domeniconi finished for her in 2003.
Stephen Funk Pearson’s parents are musicians. He experimented with many instruments before finally deciding to dedicate his attention to the guitar. He studied philosophy, music and composition at Vassar (USA). With an unusual musical background Pearson has developed into a very individual composer. When approached regarding a “China-inspired” album he became very intrigued with the ideas and contributed “ South China Sea Peace” [22]. This is for solo “prepared” guitar. An additional saddle is placed on the fingerboard under the strings, in effect giving the guitar two sets of six strings- two different tunings and sounds at the same time. Some of the pitches are not perfect and this becomes part of the character of the piece. It is rather tricky to sight-read because of the unusual tunings - the guitar sounds like a koto.
In 1934 the Russian composer/pianist Tcherepnine organised a competition for collecting Chinese-style compositions. “Shepherd Boy with Flute” by He Luting won the first prize. The composer used the A-B-A form. The “A” section is the cheerful sound of the flute, while the “B” is a folk dance. His use of polyphony effectively enhances the Chinese melody of the flute. Ms Yang, who has also studied piano for several years, did the arrangement for guitar appearing on this disc. Players who have come to the guitar from playing other instruments often display another dimension of excellence in their playing not characteristic of those who play the guitar exclusively. Other examples include Alexander Sergei Ramirez initially a cellist and Dutch guitarist Enno Voorhorst, an enthusiastic violin and viola player.
The technical facility displayed on this disc is often breathtaking and reminiscent of the Japanese master Kazuhito Yamashita. There is great strength, clarity and precision in her playing and few guitarists can replicate the tremolo speed and evenness that Ms Yang displays [19].
The beautiful tone achieved is, in part, a direct result of the guitarist “practising what she preaches” Her advice is that an artist choosing an instrument should not be pre-occupied with the label or price but select one which complements the individual’s style of playing.
A list of instruments Ms Yang has played/owned reads like a “Who’s Who” of luthiery: Masaru Khono, Mario Gropp, Antonio Raya Pardo, Jose Romanillos, Herman Hauser, Antonio Marin Mondero. After hearing her concert in 1995 John Williams “left” his Smallman guitar with her. The instrument used on the review disc was made in 2003 by Greg Smallman, and Ms Yang enthusiastically describes it as fantastic. Unequivocally this instrument is highly complementary to both the music and the guitarist’s style of playing.
This disc is beautifully recorded with an amazing “life-like” presence. A word of warning: the dynamic range is so wide that high volume settings on initial soft passages can damage speakers when loud passages occur.
No review can do justice to this fine and unique recording. Only by personal audition can an awareness of its beauty and uniqueness be acquired. It is unreservedly recommended and definitely not to be missed.
Zane Turner

11:03 AM  
Blogger Jana SQ said...

Disco 1, parte II, faixa 14 -> CORROMPIDA!

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Owl said...

It is actually this track that is missing from disc 3

First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cadiz (Cancion)

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anônimo said...

faltando a faixa Cadiz do disco 3

4:43 PM  
Blogger eassis said...

esse disco me traz muitas lembranças boas. eu era menino e passava longas viagens ouvindo-o em fitas cassete no meu walkman. foi uma sorte achá-lo aqui. obrigado.

agora, só uma observação: a ordem dos discos no blog está invertida. ao baixar o disco um, baixei realmente o disco três. no momento, estou baixando o disco 2 e não sei a qual corresponde realmente. mas no final, organizo tudo. o problema fica para quem não quiser baixar todos os discos, mas apenas algum deles.

um abraço.

11:01 AM  
Blogger eassis said...

olá. na verdade, a música defeituosa não é do granados, mas a número 14. da First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cadiz (Cancion).

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Jailson said...

Caro Helder,
Na verdade, há um duplo equívoco.
Deixe-me tentar explicar.
Segundo o track list que vc passou para nós, as faixas de nº 14 são as seguintes:

Disco 1: 14. 3 Pieces For Guitar: No. 3 Un poco mosso

Disco 2: 14. Spanish Dances: No. 5 Andaluza (Playera)

Disco 3: 14. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cadiz (Cancion)

Só que:
1º equívoco - Está faltando a faixa 14 no dico 1, que segundo o tracklist seria 14. 3 Pieces For Guitar: No. 3 Un poco mosso. Mas essa faixa foi postada no disco 3, como faixa 14.

2º equívoco - Segundo o tracklist, a faixa 14 do disco 3, é 14. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cadiz (Cancion), mas como já disse, a faixa q está lá é a 14. 3 Pieces For Guitar: No. 3 Un poco mosso.

A faixa 14 do disco 2 - que foi repostada desnecessariamente por engano, creio eu - está postada corretamente e não se encontra corrompida.

Resumindo e pra descomplicar:
eu não sei se a faixa 14. First Suite Espagnola, Op. 47: Cadiz (Cancion)é do disco 1 ou 3; seja o q for, é essa a faixa q está faltando e portanto, que precisa ser repostada.

Espero ter ajudado a esclarecer e aguardo resposta.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anônimo said...

Caro Helder, primeiramente gostaria de parabenizá-lo pelo blog. Uma iniciativa das mais louváveis. Vc poderia repostar o primeiro disco. Está dando erro. Abraço

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anônimo said...

não consigo baixar, dá erro, como se não estivesse mais disponível!!

10:09 PM  
Blogger Thiago Feitoza said...

Ola, Helder.
Infelizmente o CD1 não está mais disponível. Teria como você disponibilizá-lo novamente? Obrigado.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anônimo said...

hola que tal

el track del disco uno no esta disponible tiene un error podrias volver a cargarlo?


esperamos tu respuesta

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Fábio Maia said...

Simplesmente não consigo baixar também, como se tivesse sido retirado do ar... poderia disponibilizá-lo novamente?

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anônimo said...

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Anonymous Anônimo said...

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Blogger Hernan Dario Garcia said...

gracias por el album me gustaria saber si me podrias decir en que año fue lanzado este album

A y exelente blogspot saludos desde Colombia

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anônimo said...

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3:21 AM  
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