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Johann Sebastian BACH - Obra completa

Se existe um sobrenome que esteja diretamente ligado a música, esse sobrenome é Bach. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750) é procedente de uma família de músicos alemães cujos membros eram músicos ambulantes, organistas e cantores em Thuringe desde o século X. Órfão aos 10 anos, Johann Sebastien Bach recebe uma sólida formação de base no órgão, no cravo, no violino e no canto. Além desta bagagem, é um autodidata. Foi pelo estudo minucioso das obras dos compositores famosos do seu tempo que ele assimilou a arte da composição.
Deixo aqui o link para que baixem a obra completa de alaúde desse grande e mirífico compositor. As BWV's presentes em tal link são as seguintes: 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 1000 e 1006.
Aqui podem encontrar um álbum em que o famigerado e virtuoso alaudista Lutz Kirchhof interpreta, de maneira esplêndida, a obra do emérito Bach.

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Anonymous AmbroseBierce said...

Feel free to publish this album on your blog:

The best interpretation of Baroque music on guitar I've ever heard is this album by David Russell.

David Russell
Bach Haendel Scarlatti
GHA CD 126.006, 1989


Georg Friedrich Händel
Suite No. 7 HWV 432
01. Ouverture
02. Andante
03. Allegro
04. Sarabande
05. Gigue
06. Passacaille

Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite BWV 1034
07. Adagio
08. Allegro
09. Andante
10. Allegro

Domenico Scarlatti
11. Sonata K 177
12. Sonata K 178
13. Sonata K 232
14. Sonata K 202

Arrangements by David Russell

While all of this recording is genius, there are two movements that show Mr. Russell's genius in a special light. 1. The Passacaglia from the Handel suite. Anyone who has heard Russell play this in concert needs at least 5 minutes to get her or his breath back. Perhaps the single most brilliant transcription in the world of solo guitar. (Though, in a field of many transciptions, there are many contentors for this honor.) 2. The Andante from the Bach suite.
Without any irony, this is "a heartbreaking work of staggering genius." If you want clean playing, soulful performances, great musicality...David Russell is it, on guitar. - Mike Shanahan


GRAMMY award winner in 2005 for his CD AIRE LATINO, in the category of best instrumental soloist in classical music.
Classical guitarist David Russell is world renowned for his superb musicianship and inspired artistry, having earned the highest praise from audiences and critics alike. In recognition of his great talent and his international career, he was named a Fellow of The Royal Academy of Music in London in 1997.
In May 2003 he was bestowed the great honor of being made "adopted son" of Es Migjorn, the town in Minorca where he grew up. Recently the town named a street after him, "Avinguda David Russell", in recognition for his musical career.
In November 2003 he was given the Medal of Honor of the Conservatory of the Balearics.
After winning the grammy award, the town of Nigrán in Spain where he resides, gave him the silver medal of the town in an emotional ceremony.
During his studies at the Royal Academy, Mr. Russell won twice the Julian Bream Guitar Prize. Later he won numerous international competitions, including the Andrés Segovia Competition , the José Ramírez Competition and Spain's prestigious Francisco Tárrega Competition .
David Russell spends his time touring the world, appearing regularly at prestigious halls in main cities, such as New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto or Rome. Concert-goers everywhere are in awe of Mr. Russell's musical genius and inspired by his captivating stage presence. His love of his craft resonates through his flawless and seemingly effortless performance. The attention to detail and provocative lyrical phrasing suggest an innate understanding of what each individual composer was working to achieve, bringing to each piece a sense of adventure.
This year he received a homage from the music conservatory of Vigo, culminating with the opening of the new Auditorium, to which they gave the name "Auditorio David Russell".
Since 1995 David Russell has an exclusive recording contract with Telarc International, with whom he has recorded eleven CDs up to now, among them Aire Latino, which received a grammy this year.
The New York Times wrote about his performance: "... Mr. Russell made his mastery evident without ever deviating from an approach that places musical values above mere display. It was apparent to the audience throughout the recital that Mr. Russell possesses a talent of extraordinary dimension".
Upon hearing play in London, Andrés Segovia wrote: "My congratulations on your musicality and guitaristic technique".

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